Where to Stay When You Arrive

As part of the negotiation with the UK employer, hopefully you’ve sorted out where you will be staying when you arrive. Some companies offer a month; the one my partner received an offer provided two weeks, and while we made it work, I’d suggest pushing for at least three weeks, if not a month. Here’s why.

The first few days you’re in a new country, you’ll be tired. There’s jet lag, there’s the emotion of leaving friends and family, there’s the excitement, and there’s the confusion. Where do you buy, say, shampoo? Does anyone sell your favorite comfort food? What on earth is 17:00 hours?

You don’t want to add onto that stress by having to frantically find a place to live in a week. You don’t know the neighborhoods, you aren’t sure about how long commutes will be, and you don’t know the reputable landlords.

For us, it mostly worked out, but it was a stressful time. If the first place we applied for fell through, we would only have had about five days to find another place. So work with HR of your new company to see if they can either offer a month in temporary housing to allow you to find a good place to live in a neighborhood that you’ll want to be in, or at least agree to extend the temporary housing if you can’t find a place in the shorter amount of time.

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